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10 Şubat 2024 - 20:33


Canados: Canada’s Heritage and Future

Canados is located just outside Rome, just a few kilometers from Fiumicino international airport. The shipyard was founded in 1946 on a former seaplane base and was commissioned by institutions such as the Italian Navy, Coast Guard and Italian Port Commanders to build the first ships. In this way, Canados has rapidly become a shipyard with a respected reputation around the world.

In 1953, the shipyard participated in the launch of eight fast interceptor patrol boats, while a representative of the royal family of a Gulf emirate marveled at the ingenuity of Canadian carpenters. Following this incident, demand came immediately and a Royal Yacht was requested to be built. This request was a challenge accepted by Canados and provided an opportunity to express excellence.

Since then, more than 800 of Canados’ yachts have been launched. For over seventy years, Canados has continually pursued the latest in yacht building technologies, techniques and manufacturing processes.

The shipyard specializes in composite construction and uses advanced materials used today in the aviation industry, such as vacuum infusion, Nomex, and Kevlar. But this commitment to technology does not prevent Canados from remaining true to its heritage and values. The values and worldly knowledge preserved by artisans are the foundations that carry Canada into the future.

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