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Azuree Yachts

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09 Şubat 2024 - 11:03

Azuree Yachts


Azuree boats are designed to offer the best possible combination of the most comfortable sailing experience and a high level of sailing performance for both experienced sailors and beginners.
Each model in the Azuree series combines a carefully and intelligently furnished interior with a chin-up body that provides unmatched performance and maneuverability.
Launched in 2015, Azuree 33C not only has the largest interior space in its class, but also offers more flexibility. With its customizable living spaces, Azuree 33C gives owners the freedom to create a brand new boat that suits their performance expectations, lifestyle and tastes.
The exciting new Azuree 41 has been designed to meet the highest navigation and performance requirements.
The performance and race-winning potential of the Azuree 46, the flagship of the Azuree series, are just a few of its numerous features. In addition to long journeys, simple joys such as having a pleasant time on the deck and experiencing the comfort of home on the boat will be a part of every sailor’s travel plan with Azuree 46.
With its unique features, Azuree 46 offers a very powerful option for fast sailors seeking comfort and stability.

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