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Aicon Yachts

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09 Şubat 2024 - 12:39

Aicon Yachts

Aicon Yachts: The Italian Signature of Luxury and Performance

Aicon Yachts is driven by a passion for design, performance and the open ocean. It aims to guarantee complete customer satisfaction by setting ambitious targets and providing tailored yachting experiences.

Our designers and engineers interact constantly, considering form and function in every detail. The design ethos provides an eye-catching, seaworthy vessel with beauty and functionality.

New custom homeowners need to consider the final design, layout, fixtures, colors, cabinets, etc. They want to have a “hands-on” experience to provide specific input on. The same is true for many yachtsmen who know exactly what they want.

Aicon Yachts is the pioneer of personalized, custom-built Italian luxury yachts. It continues with the architectural design leadership of Sergio Cutolo, founder of the world-famous Hydro-Tec in Italy. Aicon’s newly designed models draw directly from Sergio’s years of experience creating award-winning megayachts.

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